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We attend between 10 and 15 international events each season, take a look at our calendar, chances are there’s an event to suit you and riding aspirations!

I'd always wanted to travel for a rally, but didnt know where to start. The Desert Rose team made everything so easy - from transport and making sure my bike was up to scratch to being there all the way through the event. It was an incredible experience, and one l can't wait to repeat!

Frank Crawford

Ride Support
Our team has been competing in rallies since 1999, and has all the experience needed to help you make your next one a success - no matter where in the worid it is.
Bike prep
Going into a rally, bike preparation is a huge factor in ensuring your event is successful. So whether it's advice on navigation equipment or tyre choice, we can help advise you and make decisions based off of our experience.
Boot camp
Want to dip a first toe in the world of rallying? Our training sessions and overseas boot camps are the perfect way to get your journey started on the right track.