How much should I budget for?
As the route moves further south, expenses are reduced however we usually recommend a £50.00/day allowance to ensure you’re covered for fuel, food and amenities. In addition to the basics, there are some great opportunities to pick up a few souvenirs along the way.
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What insurance will I need?
You will require travel insurance with motorsport coverage, we recommend Sports Cover Direct, you can receive a quote by clicking here. If you are opting to ride your own bike you will need sufficient motorsport and travel coverage for the vehicle. Please note, that you will need proof of insurance to enter the event and complete registration.
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What visa’s will I need?
France, Morocco and Senegal feature visa-free travel providing you have a passport valid three months beyond the expected trip. You will require a visa for Mauritania which can be issued on entry for a fee of $60.00.
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