Tuareg Rallye
Rally Raid
March 23rd 2025
The DRR Review

Back for 2025, is the Tuareg Rallye! One of the oldest events in the calendar, it has been many desert rally riders first event over the best part of twenty years that it has been running, and is still a fantastic event! Unlike any other out there, it's remained accessible and achievable for many riders looking to take that first step into desert racing...!


The Tuareg Rallye is a famous event that has been through many versions, and for 2025 returns to Morocco! Beginning in Erfoud, the event features two bivouacs, one based here, and on in the southern town of Mhamid. Six days of racing, the Tuareg always promises a challenge, and has historically featured lots of sand over the 1600km of stages! For many desert riders it’s been their first event, the friendly atmosphere and relaxed bivouac has often helped with that, enabling those wanting a challenge to take their first steps into racing in the dunes.

This year the Tuareg has a few new classes to accommodate all riders, Motorbike Pro and Expert are still here, and new are the Big Bike categories, opening the event up to more, especially exciting with the rise in popularity of racing adventure bikes off road! Navigation is a crossover between roadbook and GPS, and an understanding of how to use both is crucial to being successful at this event!

The Tuareg Rallye runs only every two years, and is often over subscribed, for 2025 we’re able to arrange your entries for you and have a limited amount of spaces available! Interested in joining us for this awesome event? Then don’t delay and get in touch.

Things riders love
  • The famous Tuareg Rallye, brilliant riding and a legendary atmosphere!
  • Mixture of surfaces, with a focus on the dunes!
  • Hotel accommodation through the event, bringing a little luxury to your desert rally experience!
  • Navigation using a combination of GPS and Roadbook!
  • Racing in the desert, is there anything better?
You can check out the foreign office travel advice for each location below:
What’s included with event ride support?
Our team has been competing in rallies since 1999, and has all the experience needed to help you make your next one a success!
Assistance through event registration - For the Tuareg Rallye we can arrange your entry for you!
Advice around bike and rider preparation
Mechanical assistance included with our Factory package
Transport from the UK to Erfoud, Morocco for your bike and kit!
Handling of all customs requirements required for the safe transport of your bike and gear.
All bikes are registered on an ATA carnet for transport.
Our help through event registration and scrutineering in Croatia
GPS and tracker fitting with our Factory package.
Our team at all midday service/refuelling points through the event!
Bike maintenance and servicing, carried out by one of our professional mechanics, included with our Factory option.
Access to the umbrella of our support vehicles, including a covered work area, lighting, floor matting, power and everything else!
The support and the benefit of our experience of many years supporting and competing at events around the world!
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